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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Deb,

I'm not a vet so really can't help other than to point out that many vets prescribe the canine Previcox to horses without regard for the huge difference in the correct dosing levels of equines vs canines and the need to recalculate the dog formulation if using on a horse. Because of the way Previcox is formulated, it is difficult to dose it correctly to a horse. From the FDA guidelines, Cory would need 33mg, slightly more than half a 57mg pill. Need to discuss it with your vet.

The only knowledge I have of Gabapentin use in horses is that there is very little research done and what there is points to poor bio-availability when dosed orally. Dr. Kellon may have more info. Again, need to discuss it with your vet. Here are a few links to past messages:

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