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Hi Tiffany,
Sorry, ODTB=Ontario Dehy Timothy Balance cubes.  They are low sugar starch Timothy hay cubes, each batch balanced according to Dr. Kellon's specs.   They can actually be used as a complete feed if one cannot find low sugar starch hay or for older horses with dentition issues. Still would need to add iodized salt, ground flax seed and Vitamin E if using them as a complete feed.   Lot of us add warm water to them to "fluff" them and use them as a carrier for our minerals and supplements.  They are also great low sugar starch treats.  The Triple Crown Lite will be just fine in those small amounts, but if you are looking for a safe treat or you want to replace part of Maggie's hay, you could use the ODTB's.  Any place that carries Triple Crown products can get them so you can ask at the place where you got the TC Lite if you're interested. 
I use those poly rope smhn's (small mesh hay nets) too.  Love them!  I started with the ones that had about 2" holes and then ended up having to double them as Chancey got more efficient at emptying them.  Finally found these greedy feeders with 1" holes and they are working out the best of anything I've tried so far.  You could try putting part of Maggie's hay in the hay net and part in the Nibble net.  I bet she masters the rope one soon and then you will be able to reintroduce the Nibble net. 
I'm investigating the message you got when you tried to open the link to the members database.  Stand by for more info on that.
How is she feeling today?
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