Chasteberry and Prascend

Carolyn Wahlfeld

My 40 year old horse was recently (Nov. 7) diagnosed as having Cushings.  His diet is soaked timothy pellets and Hay Stack Special Blend and he is maintaining his weight - but he seems to be experiencing the veil. With the help of Gateway (Su-per products) Freckles' supplements are changing - he is off the usual joint supplements as I was told they are sugar based.  New regime:  Omega Flax powder, GastroShield powder and MSM Ultra Pure powder.  (These are still in the mail)  I was wondering if Chasteberry liquid can/should be given if Freckles is taking 1mg of Prascend daily.  I am still working on vitamins for the Pacific NW conditions.  The person at Gateway said that it is possible that Special Blend feed has everything Freckles needs.  Advice is needed.

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