Re: Please help. New to all of this.

Tiffany Woodward


Thanks for the clarification on ODTB.  They sound like a good option.  I board Maggie, and while our hay typically comes from the same farmer, I'm sure that the sugar/starch content will probably vary somewhat with each batch.  And I'd like to have her on a diet that is easily managed by the barn workers that take care of feeding and cleaning stalls.  By the way, what type of flax do you recommend?  I picked up a small bag of ground flax at the grocery store just to try, but she's honestly not a big fan of it at the moment.  She kind of picks around it.  She did eventually clean up Friday's portion, but not until sometime overnight.

I contacted the local cooperative extension on Friday to ask about a hay probe, but the director is currently out of town, and the secretary had no idea what a hay probe is.  I suppose I'll have to wait until Monday, unless I can find one another way over the weekend.

She seems to be feeling okay right now.  Wednesday was a bad day (maybe because she moved around too much on Tuesday evening), but Thursday and Friday she was marginally better.  She was up quite a bit on Friday, even though I didn't give her any Bute on Friday morning.  She goes through periods of not bearing much weight at all on the right, to bearing a decent amount of weight.  She's still moving pretty comfortably on the left.  She's definitely not thrilled about having that crack treated with iodine, but I do manage to swipe a cotton ball across it.  Things are also complicated by the fact that she seems to have developed thrush in the sulcus of her frog on the right front, and she's pretty sensitive in that area as well.  She has always been prone to thrush, but I'm sure the fact that she's in boots 24/7 right now isn't helping.

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