Re: leg wraps for winte rwarmth

Donna Coughlin

Hi Linda,

Do you think the Dover Cashel wraps would wrap around tightly enough to go up mini Duke's hind legs to keep his ancient arthritic hocks warm, perhaps even warming his stifles a bit (the 16" size would get to his stifles)? I've re-made Back on Track wraps that work great for his forelegs (use them with his SoftRides), but keeping those hind joints warm hasn't been so easy. I've tried various Velcro positioning on the re-worked BOT wraps and also tried making things out of fleece (magnet for shavings!), have cut the toe out of tall, heavy human socks, then put the BOT on top (that worked best, but is sooooo not fun to do and he hates lifting his stiff joints to get those socks on). But none of these solutions are great....I wouldn't care if the wraps had to go around more than once as long as the velcro would allow that. My sewing machine HATES velcro... I had to hand sew the last pieces on the BOT wraps. So I'd rather avoid adding more velcro if possible.

Hope Pap is doing well!

Donna Coughlin, Duke, Robin and Obi
CT 2009

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