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I know I was supposed to be posting ponys latest feet pics up weeks ago, and I am sure all were anxiously awaiting such, but people and things keep dying around me,I don't mean to sound callous but emotional removal is warranted at times..

Pony feet are okay i will soon have feet pics up ( i feel i have posted this before)

Question off topic help direction needed

Richie, our gelding-- some might remember and be familiar with as Dr. Kellon helped so much with his foaling 7 years ago, has PSSM , NATURALLY , BECAUSE we are not allowed by the" horse powers that be" to have even one normal horse in our herd of four. ( except the ARAB but you all know how she will turn out being an Arab and all)

all our  horses have been on low sugar/starch hay etc etc etc-except just switched last night to " down the road hay" as I simply can not/ will not be able to procure the low S/s hay for a while -- ran out of vitamin E a month or so ago and with all of life going on haven't bothered to replace

 he had a very very bad tying up today, would a new hay cause an episode so quickly?? will probably up his selenium he only get minumin in his CAL TRACE  I know most of the protocol for managing this condition, but would like more direction and information from folks I trust 

any help would be appreciated,

Mods thanks for indulging me

anyone who can point me in a right direction ( email jcallenw8@...) much appreciation..


with Pony in Oregon


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