What happens if you don't treat?

lj friedman

So the horse that I take care of has Cushing's full-blown I'm told and I am under the care of one of our excellent moderators. I was about to begin to order pergolide ,change food etc. and today and the horses owner said she is financially troubled and may not want to start pergolide because that is a lifelong treatment. To make matters worse, today I was told that the horse probably has ringbone . someone I know that rode him a year or two ago said he was so off that he almost fell to the ground. So that means that I probably won't have a fabulous all-around recovery where he could be ridden as if things were normal. So my question is if one does not treat Cushing's with pergolide what exactly happens? Barn manager, who has no cushings experience , lets me know that he thinks the horse is doing fine he's eating well and things are good. So I have some things to think about. With that being said, if I want to treat I can pay out of my own pocket, I can take ownership of the horse, etc. I just want to know what happens if I do no treatment. I told the barn manager that I think an untreated Cushings horse eventually develops laminitis and founder and died But I don't know that that's true. Is it? Comments please.

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