Re: Prascend

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

The Equine Endocrinology Group recommends: 
"Some horses show a transient reduction in appetite. It is therefore recommended that Prascend be introduced gradually by giving partial doses for the first four days or by administering half the dose morning and evening" -
Would like to mention here that the recommendations of this group, which was put together and funded by the manufacturers of Prascend, are often not rooted in science or even extensive personal experience.

Because of the rapid metabolism of pergolide in horses, splitting a dose into two daily segments may well result in the dose only being half as effective.  In other words, 0.5 mg twice a day is not the same as 1 mg once a day.  We have certainly had members whose experience supports that.

Eleanor in PA
EC Co-owner
Feb 2001

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