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lj friedman

My vet emailed me this. I'm not looking to start a riot on the web,, just want to make sure that by getting pergolide at Pethealth Pharmacy instead of prascend. I am doing what is best for the horse. I would regret causing problems to save money.. but everyone wants to save. 
From the vet:

I am glad you guys decided to further pursue the Cushing's. However, first of all I do not understand why a Cushing's support group is needed. This is very straightforward test and treat. As far as the pergolide cloud goes I have close to 100 horses on medication and I've had one with an issue when starting the medication, it's not something to really worry about. Second of all I would never use a group that recommends compounded medications they are very ill advised an uneducated. There are very few instances we even use compounded drugs in general on horses and it's definitely not to just save money. There is many studies that show compounded drugs are not efficacious, specially in regards to Pergolide. So, I will not fill a script for compounded  Pergolide. If you want me to approve the medication then you can get it on my online pharmacy which you were set up for, for Prascend. Thanks

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 I 'm told that aprox 30% of horses get the veil/cloud.  And yes, I know this is the vets own pharmacy

Lj Friedman san diego nov 2014

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