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Hi, Muriel - I am so sorry to hear about Emma's problems.  You should definitely get your veterinarian to file an adverse reaction report.  One of our fab first responders will give you more detail, but in the meantime please do be aware that because she can't have Prascend due to her drug reaction, the full effects of Cushing's disease/PPID may not be controlled by the cypro and Evitex (although the Evitex will certainly help), and so her diet must be quite carefully controlled to avoid laminitis in the future.  Diet should be low sugar/starch hay or forage (ESC plus starch less than 10%); minerals balanced to the hay; 2,000 IU Vitamin E; 3-4 ounces of ground stabilized flax.  Any pasture could set her off into another laminitis attack, although if she will wear a muzzle (with the hole taped shut so she can't graze) it is good for her to get out and about.

The Full Stride might be helping with regard to the glucosamine and MSM; caution with glucosamine should be observed in IR horses, while MSM can interfere with copper and selenium uptake, so it is important to have adequate amounts of these, and other, trace minerals in the diet.  The B vitamins might be problematic; here is a post by Dr. Kellon about this, but it could be that the amounts in the Full Stride are too small to make a difference:

Really, the best nutrition for your horse is to analyze your hay, and get a mineral supplement formulated to complement the hay.  In the meantime, using California Trace is a good start, or Arizona Copper Complete. There is a ton of good information on this list, and in the files, about the most optimum nutritional support for a Cushing's horse.

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I have a 23 year old female lipazzaner.  She was diagnosed with Cushings this past spring.  Vet prescribed prascend 1/2 tablet once a day.  She never went off her feed but she had terrible side effects.  Lethagic, depression,

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