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Hi Muriel -
It's not that I don't believe you - I only had that thought - and thought I'd put it out there. In my own experiences I have seen one thing turn out to be something else entirely. I hope you can get everything straightened out with your mare - I know how worrisome horse problems can be.

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Appreciate your comments but this swaying did not happen on the onset of founder or shortly thereafter. Not until she had been on pergolide for awhile. Emma would typically rest one front hoof (take the weight off it and slightly "cock" it when the founder first started and lay down and rest). This swaying back and forth was different and she would aggresively tap (bang) the very front of the toe of her hoof on the ground - back and forth all day long sway "bang the front of her hoof, then sway the other way and bang the very tip of that toe. She was not resting her hooves. This was an aggrevated movement. She was severly stiff was stumbling and nearly falling and 3 days after stopping pergolide, she stopped swaying and tappinjg, could again walk forward and turning improved over the next few days. Last apring, I tried pergolide when she was not in a "founder" state. Similar problems occured. She had behaviour changes but WOULD eat. Seemed depressed but the worse thing was that she became severly stiff and could not move out. Was on the drug over 20 days 1/2 tablet during that time. This fall tried pergolide over 6 weeks. You can choose not to believe me about all this but it was not a coincidence. Sincerely, Muriel

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