Re: what o feed

lj friedman

I finally filled out a history  as I am new. I need to decide what to feed. Because this 24 yr old has had 4 teeth removed and quids his hay I am leaning against the timothy hay cubes, soaked or not.(  To get things rolling. Jesse is having a trim tomorrow by a farrier recommended from the group, so that is one relief ) Before I decide whether to medicate with pergolide or prascend, I'd like to get the food issue  done well. Jesse was on alf/ber pellets and some alfalfa hay, which was not eaten. When the dentist came 2 weeks ago. he went on soakedcomplete senior feed  that was  not low starch/sugar. So, over one week. I moved him slowly over to timothy pellets from mountain sunrise, which he gets fed 3 x a day in additon to 2 # of unsweetened beet pulp shreds ( rinse/soak/rinse) 8 oz of triple crown omega max and 1 soybean based vit e 1000 iu.  So. I'm wondering what is missing from this recipe for full and balanced meal.  In addition. I am wondering if I should switch to a complete senior low starch/sugar feed like triple crown  etc, . I do make the beetpulp for some other horses, so I will continue to give him 2 # of the beet pulp. thanks.. lj friedman san diego nov 2014

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