Re: Laura & Hope - 22 yr old TB mare

Laura Cull

Hello everyone,

An update about Hope and then a question for you.

I have sent off another hay sample for a complete analysis including trace minerals. I will share those results when they arrive to get your recommendations for supplements.

After 3 months of trying different things with her feed with varying success I have resorted to going back to beet pulp as Hope loves it and it makes her very happy. This time I am rinsing, soaking and rinsing again before feeding it to her. I am still giving her the Equi-Cal but I will be switching her over gradually to ProFibre Crunch as it is the best option for what I can get in my area. I have done a thorough and exhaustive search and it is the best I can do. I have also cut out the canola oil.

Overall she is eating well, both her mash and her hay, and she is maintaining a good weight. Soon I will take photos of her hooves and have those pictures uploaded for feedback.

I started Hope on pergolide at 1/4 dose and worked up to 1.0 mg as of November 27. She has responded well so far with no signs of the dreaded veil and I am very thankful for that. Her mood and lethargy have improved, the latter was unlike anything I had seen in previous years. She is normally full of spunk so it was hard to see her laying down so often with no energy. We're getting there but we're not there yet.

Recently she developed another bad eye infection and her nose is constantly runny. These are symptoms that started last summer and were more persistent this summer but have never until this year continued on once the cold weather arrived. I've read that the fact that these symptoms are still ongoing is evidence that the pergolide dosage isn't yet quite enough. I will be having her retested in early January but I have to be mindful of my veterinary expenses. So I would like to be smart about how frequently I get her ACTH level tested.

My question is this .... can I continue to increase the dose on my own until I see these particular symptoms dissipate and then at that point have her ACTH level retested? Or would this be ill advised?


Laura & Hope
Kelowna, BC, Canada
Oct 2014

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