Re: International Volunteers Day

Lorna Cane

>Thank Dr. Kellon, but I think you are the one we >should all be thanking for all the valuable information >you share with horse owners all over the world. 

 I've been looking for the words to say how grateful we are,and how grateful for our horses we are, to know you.
It's an understatement to say you are in the horse's corner. Every horse'scorner.
Words can't begin to describe what that means,where you are concerned,Dr. Kellon.
I can think of some - relentless,unfaltering,non-judgmental, objective,generous,brilliant,intuitive,tenacious - but I was right in the first place.
Words can't begin to uncover the entire picture.

With all my heart , and for horses everywhere, thank you.

Lorna in Ontario,Canada
ECIR Moderator 2002
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