Heather Leonard


Recently, I had some body work done on my horse and it was suggested that I evaluate her for Cushings.  I had started to suspect that she may be showing signs indicative of this disease.  I want to make sure that I test her correctly.  The body worker suggested that I run an ACTH/Insulin, Leptin and Glucose.  Are those the correct tests to run?  Any others that should be run?  Plan is to send the blood to Cornell.  I just read all the files in the files section that I thought pertained to running blood work, but may have missed some.  Just wanted to make sure that there wasn't anything special that needed to be done when the blood was pulled and/or sent.  Am I correct that horses do not need to be fasted and can have free choice hay up until the blood test?  If on beet pulp, 4 hours post meal is ok correct?

Thank you!




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