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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Emily,

It is also possible that the descent has been there for some time and occurred gradually over time. Happens a lot.

The worsening of her arthritis may actually have been laminitis starting rather than an arthritis issue - how was arthritis diagnosed initially? The dose of Previcox (canine firocoxib) she is on is extremely high - it would appropriate for a 1300lb horse and Coco is a 13.3hh POA. Has she been on this for several years for her arthritis or is this something new? Firocoxib is not without risks, esp at doses above FDA approval and when used for more than 2 weeks. See here for more info:

Although many vets prscribe Previcox instead of the equine version Equioxx due to the substantial cost savings, it is difficult to properly dose equines using the Previcox as it is formulated specifically for dogs, whose dosing requirements are substantially higher than those of horses.

Can you divide her daily hay ration into a few small mesh hay nets and distribute them around her turnout area? That way, it will take her quite a bit longer to finish up her hay allotment and she doesn't have an empty stomach for as long a period of time.

Look forward to seeing the xrays and test results, Pics of her feet would be good too.

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Jan 05, RI
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