Re: Just saying hello

Emily Olszak

^Can you divide her daily hay ration into a few small mesh hay nets and distribute them around her turnout area?^

What a great suggestion, thank you! I will order more small mesh hay nets.

The arthritis is in her back hocks, especially the right. This year her range of motion in that joint decreased by half which is why the vet prescribed the firocoxib. It has helped. She's had problems with that hock since I bought her at an auction as a yearlings she had gotten that leg tangled in a wire fence before i got her and still has scars around her lower leg. Was always sound and reliable enough to be my trail riding buddy. Just in the last year that leg got worse.
No problems with arthritis in her front legs.
I was just out at the barn and she's moving around very well, no limp or shortness even in the concrete aisle.

Thanks again,

Emily Olsazk
Kenosha Wisconsin

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