Re: International Volunteers Day

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

I just want to emphasize that each and every person on this group is important.

There is no way we could do what we do with only one person manning the group.  Not only would that one person starve to death from 24/7 work as an unpaid volunteer, they would not be able to keep pace with the need and certainly wouldn't have any time to organize or move things forward.

There have also been priceless pieces of information coming from members. The practice of soaking hay to lower sugars came from a member of this group who was trying soaking to lower iron and noted it reliably reduced sugar.  An agronomist in the group at the time suggested this was a "duh" moment since rained on hay had lower sugar but the bottom line was that soaking to reduce sugar had never been suggested before our member reported it. Studies on the effect of soaking continue to this day.

The fall rise in ACTH that is such an integral factor in how we manage PPID horses was first suspected and documented by the veterinarian of one of our owners - before it ever appeared in an article.

I had long suspected a role for iron in IR because of what is known to occur in humans and other species, but the proof was only possible because members got involved and tested their horses.

This group was a really exciting place in the early days of IR when the veterinary  community at large dismissed it.  Now that IR is mainstream, it's not so high energy but the sheer volume of the information here can provide new insights on an ongoing basis.

YOUR INFORMATION IS CRITICAL in moving understanding forward in a way that small formal studies cannot.  We cannot usurp formal studies, but we sure can direct them to confirm what we see.  Fill out a case history.  Check out the polls and databases.  We need you.

A university associated vet recently said owner observations were "suspect at best".  Our view point is exactly the opposite.  No one is more qualified to report their animal's condition than an involved owner.  Speak up.

Eleanor in PA
EC Co-owner
Feb 2001

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