leptin interpretation -- how high can you go?

Kerry Isherwood

So my gelding's leptin came back 8.32 ng/mL (norm 1-4).  He's the 7yo Saddlebred with inexplicable nervous behavior that has been on gabapentin since April, 2014.  He recently came up with two high insulins, the latest being 47 uIU/mL.  Initially the thought was that perhaps gabapentin was driving the insulin up but with a leptin like that....yeesh!  Has anyone ever seen a leptin that high?  Cornell only indicates that >7 ng/ml is "high".  You guys have more experience than anyone else I know with leptin, so should I believe a leptin this high or throw it out and re-submit a new sample? 

In denial of EMS for horse #2,

Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

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