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ferne fedeli

We soak 4 lbs. of cubes for my partner's Appy in the am and use roughly 3/4 of a 2 gallon bucket of water.  At night, he gets 5 lbs. of cubes and a full 2 gallons of water.  It depends on how "soupy" you want it, of course.  As a supplement carrier am and pm for all 3 equines, I put 1 gallon of warm/hot water over about 1 lb. of cubes.  What I don't use for the supps, goes over the top of the Appy's other cubes.  It is definitely a little more soupy.  The cubes also soften up very quickly in the hot water, although it probably takes 10 minutes or more for me to do the other chores and get around to dishing out the carrier cubes and supps...
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I need to prepare the cubes for a 10 minute soaking. Can someone tell me how much water to pour over 4 to 5 pounds of cubes ? I need to have the water set aside each time for the barnmanager where it's easy for him to pour over the needed amount of water If anyone is soaking approximately four or 5 pounds of hay cubes, let me know how much water you soak with and I will do the same. Thanks. Lj friedman San Diego November 2014

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