Re: leptin interpretation -- how high can you go?

Leigh Jacobs

Hi Kerry,
My 20+yo Shadow's leptin is >9 ng/ml.  Based on some reading of human research papers, I am correlating it to his huge, nondiminshing appetite.  He is a TWH, so called easy keeper and has not had out of normal insulin or glucose values.  He is not PPID.  However, based on what I have read from Cornell and this group, I am treating him as an IR horse, increasing his fiber, decreasing his concentrates, and trying to get him turned out every day, or ridden.  He is a jumpy/nervous horse, but I have always attributed it to his young years in the show ring.  Makes me wonder if the people in leptin studies have issues as well???
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On Wednesday, December 10, 2014 11:54 AM, "kerry.isherwood@... [EquineCushings]" wrote:

So my gelding's leptin came back 8.32 ng/mL (norm 1-4).  He's the 7yo Saddlebred with inexplicable nervous behavior that has been on gabapentin since April, 2014.  He recently came up with two high insulins, the latest being 47 uIU/mL.  Initially the thought was that perhaps gabapentin was driving the insulin up but with a leptin like that....yeesh!  Has anyone ever seen a leptin that high?  Cornell only indicates that >7 ng/ml is "high".  You guys have more experience than anyone else I know with leptin, so should I believe a leptin this high or throw it out and re-submit a new sample? 

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Sept 2014

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