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>>>>>>>>>>I just want to emphasize that each and every person on this group is important.,<<<<<<<<<<

So true Dr. K , but I'm not letting you put down your 'super hero  cape ' that easy,  I am convinced you never sleep...

Thank you for being the veterinary voice of reason, knowledge, and scientific basis,  when the tides of doubt are assailing my ( our) ears as so spoken by a majority of the main stream Veterinarians ,

My hat is off to you and all the dedicated people on this list,  who have helped me in the past 10 years in managing several different horses and ponies...

here's  to another 10 more....( I cannot believe I just said that  LOL, but  getting off this list would be so , so....uncomplicated and  boring.)

With much gratitude to all,

Julie in Oregon,
 with Pony, Richie , Kayla, Durango (rip) KoKo ( rip) and many more who have been assisted in the proper protocols due to the selfless dedication of all....

EC Co-owner
Feb 2001

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