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Hi, Janna - Evitex (chaste tree berry or Vitex agnus-castus extract) will certainly help with some of the symptoms of PPID, especially shedding issues.  However, it does not appear to control the production of ACTH and some other hormones involved.  Most horses that are started on Evitex end up being put on pergolide to control PPID.  Pergolide is still the only medication that can help replace the action of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Anecdotal evidence is showing that control of PPID in earlier stages helps slow or even stop the excessive growth in the pituitary that is responsible for the high output of hormones occurring in PPID.

There is a good explanation here:


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I see you have started your mare on Evitex.  What is your thoughts of the product

Janna Burdett

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