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lj friedman

Remember I'm new to this so don't take my ignorance as a reflection of the group. Im a slow learner My first question concerns alfalfa hay which I remember being one of the lowest Hayes in sugar starch. If a horse could eat alfalfa hay and do well on it, wouldn't that be a fine thing where no special feeds are necessary? Next question, assuming that alfalfa hey is not a good choice, I need to choose between either the oDTP cubes which cost $32 with tax for 50 pounds or the mountain sunrise Timothy pellets which cost$20 for 50 pounds.when I crunch the numbers based on what I'll be feeding it is $112.50 more expensive to feed the cubes.each month vs the pellets I know the cubes have things that the pellets don't have.but because I've learned things on the group I have a non-Cushing's horse that I am now feedingtriple Crown omega flax, farriers formula, vitamin EE. So when I do my calculations and I use the cost of the pellets in my calculations, I don't include the cost of the carriers farriers formula or the Omega flex or the vitamin EE because I'm giving it to my non-Cushing horse and even though they do have a cost I don't care about the cost because I'm using these products anyway. Whether. .so with that being said if I had to choose between the pellets with the supplements that I am adding or the cubes that cost me one 125.00 more per month, what am I missing with the pellets and the supplements i include Vs , what the cubes offer with no supplements being added . LJ Friedman San Diego November 2014

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