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 I need to choose between either the oDTP cubes which cost $32 with tax for 50 pounds or the mountain sunrise Timothy pellets which cost$20 for 50 pounds.when I crunch the numbers based on what I'll be feeding it is $112.50 more expensive to feed the cubes.each month vs the pellet

Hi LJ,
I don't have time to get into the nutrition with you, still dealing with a very unwell husband ( 11 hrs in surgery today), but one thought on the ODTBCs.  If you can store them properly, the cubes last a good long time, just like properly stored baled hay.  Perhaps if you take a whole pallet you can get a better price.  That's what I do and stored on the wood floor in the haymow they keep very well.  It's a big chunk of $$, but better value in the end.  I can just get a pallet load in my pick up truck with a topper on it.  
Laura K. Chappie & Beau

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