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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi LJ,

Alfalfa usually has a relatively low total sugar+starch but the starch fraction is much higher than other hays and starch is converted 100% into glucose while the sugars only convert 50% into glucose. Alfalfa is generally very high in protein and calcium. Excess protein is not a bonus. To balance the calcium you will need to add a LOT of phosphorus - the most yucky tasting of all the minerals. Plus you will need to analyze the hay to find out how much copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese may be needed to actually balance the minerals properly. Anything you feed will require flax, salt and vit E as those are missing unless pasture is a large part of the diet.

The Mountain Sunrise pellets are an unknown as far as mineral content and s/s levels, although they are generally OK for s/s. Also would require added minerals and testing to know what they have/don't have.

ODTBC has everything already tested and all minerals added except flax, salt and vit E so you don't spend any extra money on testing, minerals. All horses benefit from having their diet correctly mineral balanced but those who are under extra stress/challenges have an even greater need to have their nutrition support them fully.

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