Re: Newbie questions


I just finished balancing the analysis from Mountain Sunrise Timothy Pellets. The daily "dose" of lysine, minerals, flax, vitamin E would run about $1.15/day. The pellets cost about $0.40/lb x 20 lbs/day = $8.00 + $1.15 = $9.15/day total.

The ODTB cubes would cost $0.64/lb x 20 lbs/day = $12.80. You would need to add flax and vitamin E for about $0.40/day = $13.20/day total unless you can source your flax seed locally at a better price. 

Of course, everything depends on accurate costs, the balance of the pellets, the upfront costs of minerals, scales, whether you make your own mix (double the amount above if you have a mix custom made), etc., etc.

For my money I would go with the cubes. Less hassle, less variability.

Kathleen (KFG in KCMO)
Director, ECIR Inc.
Missouri - USA - Dec 2005

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