Re: Asking again. Way to give pill?

Lorna Cane

Thanks, Lj, I do know that *you* know that, from our private emails.

As I hoped to explain privately, the concern is that new members,who have so much on their plates at the beginning of this journey,may think that pergolide and Prascend are two different drugs, if we just refer to them in that way.

 Confusion could be avoided if we  talk about compounded pergolide, and Prascend. 
Or better yet Prascend pergolide, but I know that is awkward.

>Just a note that when I compare pergolide to prascend I do know that >pergolide is compounded and usually in capsule form, and prascend is in pill form. 

Lorna in Ontario,Canada
ECIR Moderator 2002
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