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Smoke, age 32 and survivor of coffin bone rotation at 29, IR/cushings, has been doing very well for the past few years. Since moving to Hawaii, he has had one abscess. I was forced to switch from Timothy to grass hay about 2 months when my vet floated his teeth, creating an opening at the back that made my horse decide to chew his hay, then open his mouth and let it fall out. I guess he had a broken tooth back there and when she gently floated the tooth below, the gap was more...So, I switched to grass hay because of less stem. I have been told that it is safe for IR horses. And, he is able to eat it. A blood test was done on 11.7.14 and his numbers came back with an insulin:glucose ration of 11 from the vet, but when I ran the numbers it was 12.9, still very good!  (Glucose 81/Insulin 6.7) But, his ACTH is way too high at 51, up from a respectable 29.6 in May of 2013. Am going to up his pergolide...Any suggestions as to how much to increase? Currently on 5mg. (Been on 5 mg for a good 2 years!) The problem now is I think he has an abscess. Does anyone have an opinion on the Grass Hay? I know abscesses are more common in the winter. Sorry for doing the spaghetti thing. I am starting him on 2 grams of Bute twice daily, soaking in ice water, etc. Only swelling is down the back between the knee and hoof. No heat on the foot. No sign yet of a blowout...but watching it. Had just been rasped, heals are down, gorgeous hoof thanks to my amazing barefoot farrier, Susanella! Any input that might help me? Mahalo 

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