jiaogulan, AAKG and ALCAR


I posted recently about Bella's personality changes. From sweet and curious to biting at me and running away. I couldn't catch her at all yesterday, so she just got her ODTBC, minerals and pergolide. No jiaogulan. Today, she was her usual sweet self, even a bit playful. But I saw a little of the frog sensitivity that the jiaogulan took away. 

I had to work her up to 1 tsp twice a day of jiaogulan gradually. While she's more comfortable on that dose, her crazy/nasty side has come out on it.

She was her usual sweet self when she was getting 1/2 tsp twice a day of jiaogulan (half what she's getting now). But she was a little uncomfy on her feet still.

Can too much jiaogulan make a horse crazy/nasty?

Could I got back to the jiaogulan at 1/2 tsp twice a day, and add in the AAKG and/or ALCAR?

Could I use just the AAKG and ALCAR, and skip the jiaogulan? 

While the jiaogulan has helped her, I really can't stand the smell of it. So if I could get away from the jiaogulan and keep Bella happy and comfy, that'd be nice.





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