Re: My two Cushings Horses and Itchiing

Nancy C

Hi Addie


Cushing's horses are more susceptible to issues like you describe. First you want to make sure their doses are correct. Would love to hear more about how your 10 year old was diagnosed.

You need to break the cycle of itching and scratching. Many times vets will use steriods to do this.  Not good.

Many of us have used a protocol recommended by Dr Kellon to gently ash the area with a very gentle soap.  Excalibur is often used. Next use a topical of Bactine or Zim's crack cream.  If this is bug related, create a barrier by with Noxema to keep the bugs off.

The second really big component is making sure the diet is optimized.  Can you tell us more about your guys?  Would love you to fill out a case history and we can then help you walk through changes that will help them. You need to join ECHistory8 just like you joined this list. Then fill out and upload a form.  It really, really helps your dedicated volunteers.



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I have two geldings one 20 and one 10  Both are Cushing horses and have been on Pergolide since May of 2014.  

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