Re: Survey of youngest PPID cases:


>> Im curious about the younger cases of PPID<<

My horse was diagnosed at 10, but it took almost a year to figure out he was PPID because the vet at the time, didn't believe a horse that young would have Cushings. And, I believe he had it before I got him because almost immediately after buying him, he was showing symptoms. I purchased him August 30, 2009 and he was diagnosed in October 2010.

Once diagnosed, he was put on 1 mg compounded pergolide and almost immediately, his symptoms of excessive drinking and urinating quit. He was on 1 mg of compounded pergolide for about 3 years when my new vet wanted to try .5 mg since he was so young. After 6 months of .5, his numbers went up and I increased it to .75mg. During the seasonal rise, he started to show the excessive drinking and urinating again, so I upped it to 1mg and he is doing great. The seasonal rise has past and I am thinking of keeping him on 1mg. I will have him retested in the spring.

BTW, any thoughts on me keeping him on 1mg vs putting him back to .75?

Cynthia Boriskin


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