Re: My two Cushings Horses and Itchiing


Thank you,  yes when I noticed my 19 year old at the time did not shed out his winter coat, and had funny patterns on his neck, I started researching the internet.  I felt his coat looked like Cushings.  I then noticed on my 9 year old at the time had funny coat patterns in his short hair.  I asked the vet to look at them and test him too, and yes they both came back with cushings diagnosed from their acth tests.  The younger horse, Captain was lower in numbers than Max but they both were definitely diagnosed as Cushings.  They are each now on 1/2TSP of pergolide daily, and we just did this month some new tests on them and am awaiting their new numbers.  The bet has been out, he is also a vet for a rescue ranch out here in NM.  He stated he had seen the dermatitis issue and itching on two horses over there, and it came back negative for bacteria, negative for fungus, etc.  I believe the horses have had some type of allergic reaction,  maybe to some vitamin E oil I used when they nick each other while horse playing.  But whatever, it is now a full blown reaction.  He gave them antihistamine shots, and they are now on antihistamine meds three times a day.  We don't want to give a steriod because of the cushings.  Additionally I spot wash them with a medicated shampoo twice a week.  My fear is where their hair has come out, it won't grow back.  They aren't pretty, but loveable right now!  I don't always understand all that I read on this site, but it find it to be very helpful and am learning from it.  I'm also not good at using the internet or these groups.  But thank you for your timely response to me.

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