ECIR Group Year End Giving Info

Nancy C

A question was recently posted by  an ECIR Yahoo member about donating to the ECIR Group nonprofit in the last hours  of 2014. We are taking his suggestion and reposting instructions how to do so and the results so far this month.

The ECIR Group nonprofit needs an additional $1,975.00 to meet the goal of raising $20,000.00 in December 2014.  In order to facilitate reaching this goal, an anonymous donor has stepped up to increase her previous 2014 funds by matching donations up to $300.00 received before midnight 12.31.14.

In other words, the first $300.00 donated is really $600.00, putting us more quickly closer to the goal.

It’s easy to donate by clicking on this link to our Donor Advised Fund, Razoo:

You can also find this link anytime by going to or the ECIR Group Facebook page and looking for the DONATE button.

Use your Paypal account through December 31, and Paypal will donate an additional 1%.  Your donation to ECIR Group Inc., a registered 501c3,  is tax deductible.

Since 1999, the ultimate goal of the ECIR Group has always been no laminitis.  The group has worked to improve the lives of horses throughout the world by focusing on prevention and treatment of endocrinopathic laminitis. The organization is run by an exceptional group of skilled volunteers.  There is no charge for the guidance, information and support received on a daily basis. There are exciting projects waiting in the wings which we believe will help even more horses, but we need financial help to do so.

Thank you to those who have already given so very generously. We are grateful to all of our supporters and honored to be making a positive difference in the lives our beloved equines throughout the world.

The Officers, Directors and Supporters of the ECIR Group nonprofit

ECIR Group Inc.

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