Re: Pasture with muzzle?

Stephanie Stout

Hi Kathleen, 

Thanks for replying. He's never had a muzzle before as he's always been a hard keeper even before the IR/PPID. I think he will be so excited to be out with his friends that he won't mind. His Insulin originally was 171 back in September with an ACTH of 1170. He was immediately switched to the IR diet. Retested in December and came back with Insulin @ 27 uIU/ml and ACTH @ 30 uIU/ml. Is it safe for him to go out with a muzzle? I can duct tape it if I need too. The pasture is big, and is a hay field during the summer so it's a very tasty pasture. :) 

Thanks so much! 
Stephanie & King 

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