Re: New Research

Donna Coughlin

For all who weighed in on Kathleen's "dissertation," I agree with Jainie, Lorna, Nancy, Lavinia--you ALL made my day. It's why this group is so remarkable: Science-based information/research, leavened with such caring and joy for ALL of our horses (and patience with all of our dumb questions!). 

To the Board, to the Mods, to the Support group: THANK YOU! You've made this New Year something to really celebrate!  

Huge kudos to you, too, for meeting that impressive fund-raising goal. Whew.

You guys rock!!

Donna Coughlin, Duke, Obi and Robin
CT 2009
(And when I tried yesterday to attach case histories, the message was lost in cyberspace, so sorry.....not repeating that just now.)

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