EC and vaccinations

Laura Cull


Since one of the symptoms of PPID is a weakened immune system, do you suggest to keep up with annual vaccinations? 

My TB mare will be approx 23 yrs old this year (although she has a lot of grey in her face so she could easily be older). On the advise of my vet I haven't vaccinated her for a few years. She lives on a small acreage with two other older horses who only leave the property to trail ride. The property is surrounded on one side by a forest, another an apple orchard and another a farm with a few cows and two older horses who never leave the property. My mare and I trail ride every week or so in the spring to fall months and otherwise she is always at home.

What do you advise? She has never had an adverse reaction but it has been a few years since her last vaccination. She struggles every summer with scratches and the last two summers with eye infections and a runny nose.

On another note, Jaini completed a hay analysis and I am working on sourcing the recommended minerals (prefer to buy in Canada if possible). I have a new farrier coming tomorrow to start working on a new trim. My mare has been on pergolide for almost 6 weeks and she is back to her old self with spunk and life in her eyes. We are well on our way to putting the stress of the fall behind us.

Many thanks,

Laura & Hope

Oct 2014

Kelowna, BC, Canada

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