Re: Need Help with IR, PPID 11 year old gelding and HEIRO

Kathy Brinkerhoff

Hi All,

A few years ago an acquaintance of mine was convinced based on her phone conversation with Dr. Reilly that Heiro would be the answer to all her pony’s IR issues.  For the heck of it, I decided to see exactly what the pony would receive each from this product that would bring such promised miraculous results.  If you go to the Heiro site, you will find an analysis for the product in grams per pound.  Nowhere on the site can you can find an easy to understand daily dosage analysis.  Heiro is $47.00 for a 30 day supply or $1.57 per day.  This does not include shipping.  Based on the site analysis for $1.57 one gets the following:  Crude Protein 700 mg, Calcium 40 mg, Phosphorus 16 mg, Magnesium 60 mg, Iron 1100 mg, Zinc 310 mg, Copper 40 mg, and Iodine .12 mg. .   Yes, mg is correct.   Looking at this product analysis per day it is iron not magnesium that is the biggest contribution to the diet

 I just read in Dee’s post that Heiro confirmed the Magnesium amount at 60 mg so I am confident the rest of my calculations are correct.

There is zip, nada, nothing in this product that would be effective.

Heiro did NOT help the pony, but sadly this did not deter his owner from her quest to find a “quick fix”. 


Kathy Brinkerhoff

10/12 SE/WI


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