Re: Stabul 1 vs. Triple Crown Lite

Dawn Wagstaff

I just talked to my local TSC here in Michigan about Stabul 1 and got the same answer I got a year ago. 

First, Nuzu needs to know that despite the fact that they have TSC prominently displayed on their website, when you go into TSC, the staff has a terrible time finding it. They do NOT have it listed in their special order book.
The staff member had to call Nuzu to even find out what the costs were. TSC still has their stupid ten bag minimum order , meaning you have to buy at least ten bags just to order it through them. The stores will not order ten bags to sell individually at this time. My guess is because they are really working on getting all their private label stuff taking up the majority of shelf space, which is the Dumor brand.

If you want to order one or two bags directly from Nuzu, you can, but the shipping is $35 per bag, which brings the price per bag to almost $80. One bag will last one horse ten days. 

I would encourage Nuzu to keep working on alternative distribution to mom and pop feed stores, or distribution to different larger retail outlets. TSC is not trying to promote Nuzu's product, and are continuing to act as a major roadblock.

I have a friend tell me that Standlee , whose product line TSC stocks in total, is no longer being stocked in bags of Alfalfa cubes. Instead of Standlee, now the bags of straight alfalfa cubes are TSC's Dumor brand. I used to be able to buy Life Data's Farrier Formula Barn Bags at TSC. It is no longer available there, rather a Dumor bucket of "hoof" product supplement has taken it's place. With crap ingredients.......

Dawn Wagstaff
Saline, MI 2003

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