Hoof Soreness

Stephanie Stout

Hi All,

I'm hoping that some of you have experienced this with your horse. King rotated(about 9 degrees, 1-2mm away from the sole) on all 4 hooves back in October/November due to uncontrolled PPID/IR, at the time. Thankfully, he hung in there with me and pulled through, he's been way better for about a month now. The heat is gone, no bounding pulse, way perkier and walking around his paddock. I was taking him for very short, easy walks once a day and he was walking along beside me. He's been foot sore the last month (doesn't like hard ground, looks for soft ground), and he got his shoes/pads reset yesterday. He's way more sore today. Is there anything I can do to help him or is it just time for his feet to recuperate? Has anyone used the Magic Cushion with results in this situation? Also (I got pictures on my phone, but still need to figure out how to upload here), on his front feet, right below the tip of the frog, his sole is softer and has a 'bulge". Is this just his feet trying to heal from the trauma? He's always had very sensitive feet, ever since I've had him (years and years). His latest ACTH & Insulin showed that ACTH was 30 and Insulin was 27, from Cornell on 4.5mg Pergolide from Pet Health.

Stephanie & King
October 2014

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