Re: Deb - acute laminitis and updated case

Lorna Cane

>Just yesterday I was out in the barn trying to figure out how to use nippers on a laying down horse and I said to myself, if Lorna could do what she did, I can figure this out. 

AND  Deb, I  have 10 years on you, to boot!!
Haha. Nothing short of a miracle, I'd say.

Now for true confessions - I've never used the nippers while he is down.Gads, I'm barely strong enough to use them on an upright horse.
But I do use the knife and the rasp. I just use those two when standing as well.Keeps me from making a boo boo that I can't undo,if you get my drift.

I sometimes have to wait until the foot I need to work on is not closest to the ground,because that makes it much easier.

When I trimmed my goats' hooves I used to use a little snip thing from the hardware store,for wire I think.It was small and very sharp.
I don't think it would be large enough for a horse's hoof,but just mentioning it in case there is something less cumbersome than nippers with the long handles,that you could use.
Or maybe just use the knife and rasp?

 >I only hope, for Cory's sake, I can have as much success as you and others have had.

We're not out of the woods yet,but thanks. 
You are doing great.Just keep your sense of humour. Sure need it in this game.

Deb and Cory in NC
July 2012


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