Need advise w/Katie-lami flare

Judy Slayton

Hi everyone,
Need advise as to what to do. Katie is having a lamintis attack. Started (or confirmed) 8 days ago. What seemed to be a repeat of a back issue was not. Sent a message last week but cannot find it thru yahoo right now to reference.

She was tested in august14. ACTH came in at 24 and we feel she does best around 17. So against advise of vet but with his ok, we upped the dose of prascend to 2.00mg. My mistake was not retesting after that. We got thru thanksgiving (her normal crash time) and Christmas. Thought we were good, she was feeling well. Noticed about 2 weeks ago a reluctance to take a walk, scheduled her Chiro/bodywork person to come and while waiting things got worse.

What I have done in last 8 days- upped dose to 2.25mg for 4 days, then on day 5 increased to 2.50 mg. pulses better but not gone, feet not hot any longer but still warm, laying down several times a day, pooping in stall, does not want to move, when she does very stilted, short, painful. Back in Rx boots with soft pads. Vet coming for CBC/chem panel and X-rays on Thursday. No Cornell panel as I did not think I should do while lami is going on and the vet very busy. I was lucky to get him for this.  I do not know if the lami has stopped and this is residual pain or the lami continuing and I should increase her prascend again?

Any advise appreciated. This is our first flare up in almost 2 years and it seems a bit different this time.

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