Re: Need advise w/Katie-lami flare

Nancy C

Hi Judy

Here's the link to your earlier message.  I apologize, I thought I had responded.

I think your plan is good.  If you are worried about ACTH you might want to include that. Do you see any other symptoms that would point to ACTH or insulin being out of control? Read on...

I think you are saying previous bi-lat pulses however, your earlier message points to the right foot starting the problem.   Because you have had rotation before, you could also be dealing with abscess. Compensating on the LF can drive pulses and potential for compensating laminitis.  The fact that her pulses are better is good, IMO.

Check her soles and around the coronet band for any mushy or warm(er) areas. If abscess is suspected, poulticing is needed.  I've just gone through this myself, during Christmas.  Dr Kellon has always recommended using Numotizine vs any clay or other poultice.  This time around I got to do a side-by-side experiment and Numotizine is better. After warming in teh microwave, (it's really cold here) we slathered the numotizine on sole, foot and over the coronet band and covered with plastic wrap. Put the boot on. Took a week, lame in the fores,  laying down, not eating as he normally does, but he finally came through with a release at the coronet band.

Can you update what she is eating?  It looks like you have balanced her tested hay using Cal Trace and added zinc and copper. You may be able to up the magnesium. Your CH says she; wont' eat jherb. It would be important to get it into her, syringing if needed.

Getting your trimmer/farrier in to adjust the feet will be hugely important. If it's been a while since the last visit this could be a very  big component in what is going on.

Hang in there.

Nancy C in NH
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Hi everyone,

What I have done in last 8 days- upped dose to 2.25mg for 4 days, then on day 5 increased to 2.50 mg. pulses better but not gone, feet not hot any longer but still warm, laying down several times a day, pooping in stall, does not want to move, when she does very stilted, short, painful. Back in Rx boots with soft pads. Vet coming for CBC/chem panel and X-rays on Thursday. No Cornell panel as I did not think I should do while lami is going on and the vet very busy. I was lucky to get him for this.  I do not know if the lami has stopped and this is residual pain or the lami continuing and I should increase her prascend again?

Any advise appreciated. This is our first flare up in almost 2 years and it seems a bit different this time.

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