Re: Deb - acute laminitis and updated case

Deb Funderburk <hawkhilldeb@...>

Thanks, Nancy, and Lorna-- about the nippers, I think it must be impossible to use them correctly while the horse is down, but Cory's heels are so hard that I had to try something new. I am using them to sort of nibble and scrape away at the heel. With the rasp all I can get off is dust, not like the flakes that come off of the rear feet or even off of the toe. It is like they are made of a different material, and I really felt like the heels were getting away from me again.

I also got a knife and that is a wonderful tool. I felt like I was getting un-exfoliated sole on his hind feet, but I have a horror of removing any sole. However, I thought I saw laid over bar material (boy, it really sounds like I know what I am talking about) and I tried lifting it up with the knife and it literally fell right off, along with some sole. So then I could see what needed to be removed. But I am so cautious, perhaps too cautious, that I think it is prolonging Cory's recovery.

I know what you mean about having to wait until the hoof you want is in the proper position. I will be so happy when Cory is comfortable enough to stand and have his feet worked on. I think it will make it a lot easier to keep his feet balanced.

Thanks again for the encouragement and information.

Deb and Cory in NC
July 2012

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