Re: Need advise w/Katie-lami flare

Judy Slayton

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I think your plan is good.  If you are worried Do you see any other symptoms that would point to ACTH or insulin being out of control? Read on...

Hi Nancy, thanks for the help.Yes, she has been drooling (how this all started in 06) is puffy in the face and the ever present crud on back legs that I never seem to get better more than 85% is returning. Only IR symptom she does NOThave is pu/pd-usually she does.
I think you are saying previous bi-lat pulses however, your earlier message points to the right foot starting the problem.
I meant right foot seems more affected this time. Checked her feet per your suggestion. Does not seem to be abscessing. Her 4th bout with lami and she has never abscessed. Sometimes I think it would be better if she did. Get the dead stuff out, instead it seems to have to grow out. 
Can you update what she is eating?  It looks like you have balanced her tested hay using Cal Trace and added zinc and copper. You may be able to up the magnesium. Your CH says she; wont' eat jherb. It would be important to get it into her, syringing if needed.
She is eating mostly orchard with a soaked bag of Timothy. 1/2 lb alfalfa. She does better with some. Yes, I have tried using none (g) no difference in foot sensitivity unless I go over 1/2 lb per day. Using cal trace PLUS this year. Along with flax, added salt, monthly psylium. This has been working well until last 2 days. She is currently 'off bucket'. I stopped using jherb about a year ago. She really hates it. Was going to add alcar when it got cold at night but she had been eating her bucket so well I did not want to rock the boat. I use t&c lite 1/2 cup as my carrier. Does not like beet pulp.

Getting your trimmer/farrier in to adjust the feet will be hugely important. If it's been a while since the last visit this could be a very  big component in what is going on.
Trim was scheduled for Thursday. Trimmer comes monthly and we work on the toes in between. Even after 2 years, her feet still want to 'slipper' I have re scheduled  trim for Monday 26th. Decided after X-rays, she would be to tired. Have been xraying annually and testing 2x a year.

When I fed this evening, she came out rolled, pooped and took a short lap around her pen. And is less crabby-another of her symptoms. So I am hoping maybe we have turned a corner? Questions:
Should I hold at my 2.50mg prascend until I can retest?
Should I wait 3 weeks for testing until she adjusts to higher dose?
Anything else I can do to minimize the damage? We've come so far, don't want to lose now. Thanks again, appreciate the help. Just when you think you understand how to manage this....

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