Re: Vaccinations?

Lorna Cane


>If you look for vaccinaton information under the files. what is available is put it mildly.. weak.

Did you check both folders?
Would you be good enough to make some suggestions of what should be in the File? This would help us improve our offerings.
Bear in mind that ,unfortunately,there are sometimes not black and white,one-size-fits-all answers.Sometimes the science has not caught up to the questions,so that this is *the* answer is an irresponsible claim.

>  Are any vaccinations not indicated for a cushings horse?  Is WNV fine? any vaxes not indicated.

As well as the info in the Vaccinations folder,here are some messages from the Archives.
Each message includes more links to other vaccination threads:


If the links don't show up clickable just type  the number at the end of the link into the Message Number box.

Again ,please provide us with ideas about how you feel we can improve the information our volunteers put up for our members.

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