Re: Update on Dixie and Dexter...need help with depressed mule!

Lorna Cane

>I have no updated information to add.

I asked because these items mentioned in your post,don't all appear in your CH,for example:

>They receive AZ Copper with a small amount of Purina LS (1/2 cup 2x a day).  They haven't quite acquired a taste for the AZ Copper but get 1/4 cup 2x a day...soon to be increased to 1/2 cup 2x a day. They also get 2 ounces of freshly ground flax seed a day with Vitamin E and D, and 1 TBS of salt 2x a day.

  >  I received my teff hay analysis today and it was high WSC is 12.9, ESC 11.0, and Starch is 2.4.  

The ESC plus Starch numbers are higher than we like to see.Preferable is under 10%.Some of our horses can't tolerate 10% even.

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