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Nancy C

Hi Rita

I don't think Is saw that you were balancing the minerals to your tested hay. IF that is right, just giving more mag may or may not be needed and may help or make things worse.  Mag is huge for help with IR but it needs to be balanced with Calcium If you know all this, forgive me.  :-)  IF you are testing and balancing you hay your may be able to add more and make the ratio tighter.

So glad you are enjoying the Bowker proceedings.  when you get through those, heck our Dr Kellon's, specifically on Minerals and IR for your current situation.

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Nancy C in NH
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FACT: With knowledge of the nutrient profile of the forage and the animal's weight and level of work, one can supplement only what is needed to target nutritional needs.  See  Smithey and Gustafson, Nutrition Complexities and Mineral Profiles of Hay 2013 NO Laminitis! Proceedings, Equine Cushing's and Insulin Resistance Group Inc.


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p.s.  I read and highlighted all of Dr. Bowker's articles from the symposium....fascinating!  I surprised myself getting really interested in how the hoof works....a complicated mechanism for sure, with an amazing capacity for recovery from the worst conditions if given the right care.  



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  The swelling of orbital fat would be a symptom of increased insulin.


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