Re: Is R/S ok if no molasses BP?

lj friedman

I am researching Phosphate defeciency per the archived messages ( Some of the posts are beyond my knowledge at this time but.. dont worry.. I have a book in the mail "Equine Applied and Clinical Nutrition 2013, that might help before I take Dr. K's NRC course.) . My horse shows phosphate at 65% of RDI  and Dr. K says to fix it. I now know that beet pulp at 2.5 lbs  dry per day has a lot of Ca, hence the problem of how to fix.. At 65% RDI for Phosphate, . isnt that almost good enough to keep as is?  I cannot figure out how to fix phosphate .  It seems to be the ONLY thing that needs fixing at this time, which pleases me, but I want to do what is needed.  . lj friedman san diego nov 2014



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