Re: Update on Dixie and Dexter...need help with depressed mule!


Jacque, your boy needs either a job to keep him busy or a playing buddy (horse or mule gelding). He needs hours of entertainment each day, play wrestling or doing a job. Our john mule would be like yours in a similar situation, and was the same as yours when we had only him and his best buddy, a molly mule. Since he has a playing buddy he is changed.
It doesn't really help to classify him as an introvert, even though some training theories think it necessary. He is just a boy with nothing to do. Ours was the same. I know you have a very nice setup, but that doesn't replace either a wrestling buddy or a full time job. Especially john mules urgently need a purpose in their lives.

Jennifer in Germany
Lramie July 2011

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 He just seems either bored or depressed.  I try to spend time with them as much as possible.  Petting,talking and grooming.  He just seems lost... and goes inside of himself.  

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